Shooting Women: Behind the Camera, Around the World
by Harriet Margolis, Alexis Krasilovsky, and Julia Stein

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    "Shooting Women: Behind the Camera, Around the World” (Intellect, 2015), co-authored by Harriet Margolis, Alexis Krasilovsky and Julia Stein, is a fascinating look at the history of the women who pioneered and excelled behind the camera.  The book shares insights into what it takes to succeed as a camerawoman and examines women's stories from the United States and around the globe... There are heartbreaking stories of loss and bravery and the very real dangers involved with shooting in some circumstances, and stories of women who have been (or were) positively fearless throughout their careers. 
      For instance, Director of Photography (DP) Mary Ayubi was stoned by the Taliban for filming a documentary about the lives of women in Afghanistan. Many women interviewed in the book have filmed in war zones, including Sandi Sissel, Lisa Siedenberg, Nancy McKenna, Joan Churchill, Jan Kenny and Margaret Moth, whose face was blown off while filming in the Balkan wars.  Other DPs interviewed for the book have faced bears while filming in the wilderness, or have had to contend with abusive men while filming on Hollywood sets.
      The courage and perseverance of all of these women in the face of danger an discrimination is not only deeply moving but also a revealing look at the realities of the business.  As Alexis Krasilovsky said, 'this is a challenging field with sometimes inadequate protections, but women have been facing challenges in this business for over a hundred years.'
      ...The scope of coverage is magnificent -- everything from shooting in helicopters, to music videos, to Hollywood features, to shooting the Balkan wars, etc."
          - Anna Weinstein, "Documenting the Women Behind the Camera," Film International
             Vol.14 No.3&4 / 2016, 161-168;

    "For any young woman contemplating a career in film production… this book will help to provide a clear-eyed view of what that career may look like."
          - Cynthia Close, Women Who Shoot: More Cinematography Opportunities in Docs.
            "Documentary" magazine, Fall 2016

    “Shooting Women: Behind the Camera, Around the World”
    offers a comprehensive look at the rich and largely unexplored history of camerawomen from all across the globe.  In addition, Krasilovsky, Margolis, and Stein provide a detailed account of how unions have often failed to recognize discrimination against women in the workplace--and even within the union itself.  Historical overviews as well as first-hand accounts of these women working behind the scenes make for a book that is both educational and engaging."
          - Melissa Silverstein
            Founder and Editor,
            'Women and Hollywood'

    A must-read for any woman interested in film-making
    "I took two days this week and read 'Shooting Women' cover to cover. I was fascinated and very moved by it. What a gift you have given to women filmmakers. This book is not just for women interested in cinematography, it's truly a must-read for any woman interested in film-making and entering this industry. When I put the book down I felt like I had spent two days at a retreat with a big, wonderful group of women filmmakers who cared about each other, and who really wanted to help support each other. It is phenomenally rich in information and wisdom. A priceless book that should be included in the curriculum of every film school everywhere."
          - By Maria Giese
            Writer/Director "Hunger"
            on November 4, 2016

    One of the most important books I have read in years
    "I have been a devoted fan of Alexis' book 'Women Behind the Camera, Conversations with Camerawomen.' This new book takes that research and expands it to the global level to let us know how hard it has been for women around the world to break into technical fields. Film is often pushed out of formal STEM conversations in education, this book brings to light that women in film have the same struggles as those in engineering and computer science. In some cases the US film industry has lagged far behind other industries remaining almost unaffected by the feminist movements of the 1970s. I encourage union leaders who have seen recently tough years of scrutiny to study this text to understand why the marginalization of one population in their ranks is leading to their own dis-empowerment. The work of these authors is so important to the discussion of how we move forward, how we heal from past wounds and how we provide women the equal opportunities. Twenty-five years ago when I entered the film industry these stories were not easily shared. Though small, this book is its own revolution. Read it."
          - Monique Anair
            on August 31, 2016
            (5 Stars on

    Important book on gender studies
    "This book may be about women cinematographers but the resonance is far wider. it is a great study about women professionals regardless of the choice of career."
          - Priya Rao
            on August 7, 2016
            (5 Stars on



“Women Behind the Camera: Conversations with Camerawomen"
by Alexis Krasilovsky

Photo Credit: Gabriela Gonzalez

Once I started documenting the aspirations and obstacles, satisfactions and conflicts, failures and successes of Hollywood camerawomen, I began to see the resonance of their stories with those of camerawomen throughout the world." 

Book reviews of “Women Behind the Camera: Conversations with Camerawomen” (Praeger 1997)

"A fascinating book for anyone, female or male, who contemplates making a career in cinematography. It offers a great wealth of insights, evaluating the rewards and the sacrifices which are facing people behind the camera in their professional and personal lives.  It opens for the reader a world of strong, courageous women who are possessed by the love of film."
      - Kris Malkiewicz
        Author, CInematographer
        Faculty, California Institute of the Arts
"[A] significant contribution -- the kind of book that women entering film school should have to read.  So should their teachers -- and so should people in the industry."
      - Dr. Charles Musser
        Director, FIlm Studies Program,
        Yale University
"Krasilovsky's interviews with 23 camerawomen provide a useful, informal history of a very recent phenomenon.... These conversations document women's struggle for acceptance by exploring the work lives of women who have taken on roles ranging from camera assistant to experimental filmmaker and director of photography.... All of the interviews are deeply engaging and well presented..... All academic and professional collections."
        - Choice
"A vital addition to the current literature on film."
        - Smith Alumanae Quarterly

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